About Us

Regardless of what line of work you are involved in, or if you are a student, we know that you rely heavily on written communication. In today’s internet world the computer, tablet, and smartphones have become the essential items for communicating. All these devices come equipped with spell checkers which we trust. But is just correcting spelling mistakes enough to ensure that what we have written is what we intend to convey. No, it's not, for a spellchecker ‘hear’ and ‘here’ would both be correct spellings. But in a sentence both would convey a different meaning, one word means an ability to listen and the other means a place.

These mistakes can only be corrected by human intervention or an excellent Grammar Check application. We at grammarcheckonline.org have spent countless hours in compiling and designing this application for people to use. Its fundamental goal is to assist people in correcting those grammatical mistakes that creep into writing.

Our teams of experts have been in the grammar teaching, copywriting and proofreading business for years. They know all the rules of modern English Grammar. Their drawn-up rules have been incorporated in the application.

Once you use grammarcheckonline.org, you will gain confidence in your writing skills and will thank grammarcheckonline.org for helping you to become more confident and experienced in writing good and correct English.