Is an advanced level of English required to use grammar check online?

No. this spelling and grammar checker application has been designed to be used by everyone. Regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice in English you can use this spelling and grammar checker application. There are no limitations on who can and cannot use this grammar check tool . It a free application and everyone who wants to use it can use it. Grammar check does not ask for any credentials when you use it, and it does not test the level of English text submitted for spelling and grammar check.

What this spelling and grammar check application does is that it checks every word for spelling mistakes. It checks every sentence in the text for grammatical errors. If it comes across either of these types of errors, it flags and highlights them. Users can look at the suggested corrections and make the changes or ignore them. Most of the spelling and grammar check applications available on the internet follow the same rules for flagging mistakes. Yes, the correction databases used by the various spelling and grammar check applications differ. The reason is that some only contain basic grammar rules whereas others have an extensive set of rules which are updated whenever new rules are added, or people change some rule, and it becomes common usage. Grammar checker has a vast database of grammar rules, and each sentence goes through a grammar check. Regardless of the level of your English don’t shy away from using this free online grammar checker. You don't want to submit any text that could contain spelling and grammar mistakes. The grammar checker is an application and not a teacher that checks the English comprehension of users. If you are a novice, it will help in improving your English writing skills, and if you are an expert, it will flag errors that you don’t think you have made.