How do I use

Using is very simple. Go to the site from your search browser by typing in in its navigation bar. Once the website is displayed you will have the following choices;,

  • Enter your text
  • Upload a document: (Supported format: doc docx txt)

If you want to enter text, all that you need to do is to enter the text in the text box. Once you have finished entering the text, click on the 'Check Grammar' button. The grammar corrector application will check the text, and if it spots any errors, it will highlight them and display them.

If you want to upload a document, you can upload a document that's in Microsoft Word (old and new version) format and upload it. If you have entered text in Microsoft's Notepad and saved it with the default 'txt' extension, you can upload it. After uploading the file click the 'Check Grammar' button. The grammar corrector application will check it and highlight errors if any.

Grammar check also gives users a choice that you see at the bottom of the text message box. There are two blue boxes with English and American written on them. If you click on the box with English was written, it will display the languages that are supported by this Grammar check application. If you click on the box which has American written across it, the different versions of English are displayed. The defaults are English and American. The American version of the English language is the most popular version, and that's why it’s the default selection.

After you click the 'Check Grammar' button the grammar check will do a spelling and grammar check. The spelling mistakes are displayed in pink and the grammar mistakes in yellow. Click on any highlighted error, and you will be prompted to remove the error.

Yes, grammar check is a spelling and grammar check application, and it does both in one pass. That’s why it’s a highly rated spelling and grammar check application.