What kind of errors does GrammerCheckonline.org flag?

This spelling and grammar check application checks both, spelling and grammar mistakes in a user's submitted text. The errors that are identified fall into three categories:

Spelling mistakes (e.g. 'house')

Sentence structure to be verified (e.g. 'he hopes less')

Sentence structure to be corrected (e.g. 'they're house')

Grammar check maintains dictionaries of an English word and checks the spelling of each word. Spelling mistakes are typing mistakes and are flagged. Grammar check when conducting a spelling and grammar check looks up a misspelled word and highlights it. When the user clicks on the misspelled word, it displays a list of the correct spelling of the word.

Structures to be verified are potential mistakes that are highlighted in yellow. When the user clicks on them, grammar check explains the mistake. It is then up to the user if he or she wants to change the structure and correct the sentence.

Sentence structures which are flagged indicate a clear grammatical mistake. The user must read the explanation provided and correct the sentence.

These examples indicate that grammar check not only does it flag grammatical errors. It also flags spelling mistakes. At time typing errors can cause a grammatical error. For example, 'they came form home' will not be flagged as a spelling mistake as all the words in the sentence have been spelled correctly. But the word 'form' will be highlighted as a misspelled word.

This spelling and grammar check application does a thorough job so that users can gain confidence in it. Grammar check envisions providing a comprehensive English correction online package to users. We don't want users to depend on two different applications as an English correction online solution. Some text editors have inbuilt spelling checker routines while some don't. To provide the best English correction online solution, grammar checker has been built to check both, spelling and grammar mistakes.