Is there a standalone version of

Not as yet, and we don't have any plans of launching one in the foreseeable future. The reason for us not favoring launching a standalone version is that Grammar Check needs to be updated continuously. If we were to launch a standalone version, we would require the clients to update it frequently. It would be quite cumbersome and tiresome for the users. English spelling and grammar keeps evolving as new words are added to the dictionaries. For example, some new words have been generated and come into common use since computer technology, and the internet becomes tools for everyday use by people. Words like, malware, dongle, flash drives which are now commonly used were unheard words a few decades ago. Approximately two decades ago, sentences like 'my computer has been hit by a virus' were unheard sentences, and even a native English scholar would have been confused trying to decipher its meaning. These are just some of the reasons why grammar check will not be offered as a standalone version. We are working on making grammar check the best grammar checker. It is available to be freely used by people who want to learn and improve their grasp of the English language. Designing, launching and maintaining the best grammar checker is not easy to achieve. But we have our hopes up to succeed in this mission and make grammar check the best grammar checker.Some websites offer grammar correction online, but all of them are not free, and some are not updated continuously. Grammar checker provides grammar correction online which would not be possible in standalone versions. For a top quality grammar correction online application to retain its users, it must frequently be updated. Grammar checker can be used globally and is available 24/7.