Can a submitted text be saved and corrected at a later time?

Grammar check only saves the file for a temporary period. Let's elaborate this further. When you enter text or upload a file for spelling and grammar check, the grammar check application will save it for that session only. If you shut down your computer and start it later on and you go to the grammar check site. The text that you entered in the previous session will not be there.

You can enter or upload and do the corrections and after that save the file on your computer. Grammar check will not retain a copy of your file for later correcting when you restart your computer. Yes, if you have entered text and have put your computer in 'hibernate' mode and restart it the text will be retained. The reason for this is that grammar check has not terminated the session and is waiting for your response.

Therefore, it's not advisable to enter text in grammar check and shut down your computer. Once you shut down the computer, the spelling and grammar check session ends. Grammar check does not allow any file to be saved to be corrected later. It would just take up too much space on our servers, and we cannot afford to waste space for holding users text without knowing when they will complete their spelling and grammar check. It's just not feasible and unmanageable. Users should enter text or upload the file and do the necessary corrections in a single session.

As you know, it’s a free online grammar checker, and at any point in time, there are thousands of users accessing the application. The reason for this is that it does a comprehensive and reliable job and is a free online grammar checker. People who write in English want a free online grammar checker as they don’t have to pay to get their spelling and grammar mistakes corrected.